Hey y'all…

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my name's Austin Cunningham and I'm gearing up to record & release my 6th CD, tentatively titled "Gypsy" in the Summer of 2018. First, thanks so much to so many of you who've been supporting me for so long by buying the CDs, shirts and coming out to the shows & festivals! I love you all more than I can say. 

I'm so excited to be doing this Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to help fund the project! The translation of that is that I am asking for your help to make it happen. I've been funding everything from start to finish on previous CDs and it's been a wonderful thing to put out a product and have so many of you buying what I have for sale. The reality is that I've never really spent any funds on the promotion side of things. It's such a big expense and I've always just focused on the music part. Well, I'm still  going to focus on the music this time, but I'm hoping & praying for enough to really promote this album right and take what I'm doing to the next new level. 

With the way more folks are using music subscription streaming services, artists like me are living on less & less royalties because those streaming services pay almost nothing to us. Thanks to Kickstarter, there is now a way for artists like myself to raise the much-needed funds to release new music and for my supporters to be a part of the process! It's really like pre-ordering a CD, other merchandise or even pre-scheduling a house concert. The House Concert is a bigger expense, but these end up being incredible memories for both me & my host.  I hope some of y'all will consider this one. They are really special and I would LOVE to do all 20 of these spots!

Now to the music--I'm excited about the songs for this next CD also! "Gypsy Boots", "Long Train" & "God's Last Name" to name a few. It's been 9 years, yes, 9 years since my last studio album and with your help, these songs will have a life beyond my live shows and in my imagination. 

There are several reward levels of support, starting with $10 for a digital download of the record, $15 for the physical CD, a private house concert at your place, or spending a day in the studio while we record and YOU becoming an executive producer! 

I will be extremely grateful for any level of support you can add to the project! I have 35 days to raise $15,000. The way it works is you select what level you want to participate at and they have an extremely secure on-line credit card processing system. NO ONE'S credit card will be charged until we reach our goal. If we don't reach the goal, no one is charged, and I put my tail between my legs and crawl under a porch somewhere.  I am both excited and terrified at the thought of not reaching our goal, but am trusting in God, my peeps, and hopefully a few new friend/fans out there to bring this CD to life.

Your contribution will help cover recording, mixing, mastering, additional musicians, as well as manufacturing, a graphic designer, photographer and videographer. Also, I hope to be able to spend a good bit on promotion & publicity. Then there's the several hundred copies to be given to radio stations, bloggers and streaming sites.

Actually, I hope to far exceed the $15,000 target and that becomes the money to promote the CD. Recording costs will be 11-$12,000 alone. Then the manufacturing of the physical product. One thing though: if we fall even ONE dollar short of the goal, we won’t get ANY of the money pledged. So the target goal is set lower than what is actually needed. I have to reach the target goal in order to receive any funds, which is why your support is so important. Even if you can only afford to contribute a couple of dollars, it will surely add up!

Thank you for reading all the way down! If you can, please support this Kickstarter project any way you can. I am eternally grateful that you would even consider it and humbled and honored when anyone buys what I have for sale. There's a lot to do, so good-bye for now and hopefully WE will have my new CD & Vinyl record in our hands in June!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you---and God bless you all!

 Yes, there will be Vinyls.

Yes, there will be Vinyls.